When God Loves Monsters

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Odd collection of hashtags, wouldn’t you say? It’s a case of one of these things doesn’t belong, which was my knee-jerk reaction. Then I thought about the theme of my novel, Lover in Stone, and realized these four hashtags aren’t random.

This idea began after I’d read a blog post on author marketing, where one of the recommendations was to reach out to a new demographic of readers. Not to say, buy my book, but to share what my book is about.

Hey, I can do that. It’s the only aspect of marketing I can wrap my heart around. Considering a published author is really a small business, my approach is almost self-defeating. I’m crippling modest when it comes to my writing because my stories are never as good as I think they can be. How can I ask someone to spend their hard earned money on something that isn’t perfect?

So, getting back to that new reader demographic.

My latest novel series goes like this:

Once, the Kynd existed under God’s grace, bearing witness to all things passing. Until the Schism, when God and Lucifer clashed and the archangel was flung from the heavens. Refusing to choose sides, the Kynd were damned, too, forced to bear witness without the touch and comfort of another, their honorable name disintegrating into the dust of history. Now they are remembered merely as gargoyles and chimeras, and in their deaths, they become monsters of stone: grotesques. Their Chosen Ones can save them. But after enduring centuries of solitary madness, who could love something so doomed?

God, of course, had a Plan. Here it is, and it’s an author no-no: a talking head scene, edited out of the final version of Lover in Stone, but I think it does a good job explaining God’s motive. Click on the link to read it: LIS prologue for blog

Now for connecting to that new demographic. I really sat on this idea for a long time because I didn’t want to offend anyone. Then one day I was surfing through radio stations and came across a song I could bang my head to. You know, really jam out. I like hard music and this one was something I hadn’t heard before. Then I listened to the lyrics, and thought: no effing way.

But then, why not?

Just because you’re Christian it doesn’t mean you don’t have fire in your belly. You can like things loud, and rough, and and a little violent. You aren’t plastic figurines living without the soup of feelings every human is subject to.

It’s what you do with those feelings, right? You can still have compassion for your fellow man—and yes, forgiveness—for the monstrous people and events in your life. Because ultimately, you’re buoyed by your faith in God, that no matter what’s coming at you, God has His plan and wouldn’t give you more than He knows you can handle.

BINGO! This is the exact message God wanted my characters in the Darkest Kynd series to understand. He hadn’t abandoned them, He’d just set them on the path to being better…beings.

Is there violence and swearing in the book? Yes. There are even some pretty graphic love scenes. But, hey, Christians can handle it. And ding, ding, ding, they might actually want to read that sort of thing.

I had been presuming who my readers were, and had eschewed the Christian demographic because my stories are very graphic, and violent, and there is cursing at God. But sometimes we have to brave the flames to fully grasp the power of God’s love, and therefore, our own.

So, if you’re one of those people who bangs her head as the rush of screaming guitars burns God’s message through your veins, then by all means, tune your frequency to Lover in Stone, and give it a spin.

About the Author:

S.C. Dane is a paranormal romance author from the coast of Maine who is currently ranching in the mountains of Wyoming.

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