New face for the rat race

You know when you paint a room in your house and it looks so fresh compared to the next room, so you have to paint that one, too, and then the next, and  so and so on, until you’ve repainted the whole inside of your house? Something similar happened with my website I had it revamped–okay, I annihilated the old one and had a new one built–and liked the looks of it so much, I figured my blog needed the same facelift.

Like the simple wall-painting project, starting new turned into a project of epic proportions. Cue the snags, the hurdles, and the setbacks. Waaaay too much time later, it’s done. My old readers probably had to blink a few times to make sure they were on the right site, it’s that different. I’m starting from scratch. Which means there isn’t much to see yet. There will be soon, though, I swear!

I can’t put it off any longer. Any writer will tell you: readers must be served. We can’t hole up in our bitch caves and knock a few back with our characters 24/7. We’ve got to put ourselves Out There and connect, join the social media fray when we’d much rather be living in our fictitious worlds.

True, once we’re lured out, we’re glad to have come, to have shared a piece of ourselves and our writing lives with our readers. Hopefully, our readers walk away with the same sense of fulfillment–yet paradoxically–with a little hunger for more.

So I’ll get on that. I’ll share and post as often as possible until there’s enough to entertain my readers for a while, at least. Thanks for being patient, but most importantly, thanks for being hungry for more.

~S.C. Dane


About the Author:

S.C. Dane is a paranormal romance author from the coast of Maine who is currently ranching in the mountains of Wyoming.

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