7 Guilty Pleasures, or are they deadly sins?

Number 7: Chocolate. And I’m talking high-crafted, dark, and decadent.

Number 6: Wine. Including, but not limited to Boones’ Farm.

Number 5: Calling in sick. ‘Nuff said.

Number 4: Watching TV. The kind of programs that are entertaining and help you escape the daily grind. HEA Lifetime romances come to mind.

Number 3: Shopping. I’m talking handbags and shoes. For personal indulgences only.

Number 2: Naps. Includes the fifteen-minute cat variety and sleeping in.

And finally, Number 1: Reading romance novels. Of course!

I asked a friend if she could add to my list but she thought I pretty much had all the guilty pleasures covered. What do you think? What’s your indulgence?